Infj 5w4 rare reddit 38 votes, 99 comments. If you're like me and looking for someone to have mind-tingling intellectual conversations with while also having a loyal companion- INTJs are a great choice. Fives direct most of their energy inward, expanding their intellect such that they can see large, complex issues with clarity and precision. Tendency to always think they're right. Its not uncommon in an intjs tritype, mostly if core. INFJ men might find ENTP women too masculine and ENTP women might find INFJ men to be too feminine. You wont catch them begging for a hangout. . But unlike other, say INTJ or INTP 5s, my research usually is about other people, so connected to FE. This is the most interesting function for me since it&39;s our Achile&39;s heel. 28 comments Add a Comment Kittenqueen99 1 yr. I'm an ISFP 5w4 and so far I haven't seen too many ISFPs with this enneagram. 4w5 is gonna be more Fi and perhaps a bit more Se-focused (Se in a manner of doing a creative work and making hisher own art). Like Platos cave. Why is this percentage so low, you may be. Again what this has to do with being shallow or materialistic is beyond me, but the fact of the matter is INFJs are less likely to be as it doesnt fulfil us, where some may adhere to facades to camouflage or fit in based on. I found- Amber run (again slowedreverb version). . For adjascent types, there's also Leo Trotsky, ENFJ and 5w6 SxSo, Sylvia Plath, ISFJ and 4w3 SxSo, you also quoted Heath Ledger, INFP 4w5 SxSo. Seeks internal consistency and logic of ideas. . 28 comments Add a Comment Kittenqueen99 1 yr. 2 yr. mayahahah INTP 2 yr. . The INTP 5w4 have a lot of traits that are natural to the INTP. . . SuddenImagination59 INFJ 1 yr. Their are a lot of overlap in the traits. Personally, my biggest pet peeve would be people who are (emotionally) immatureunaware. This personality type is mainly driven by the core desire to be self-sufficient and to create their own personal legacy. My mind is where I live but Im an active guy. Thus, they are more likely to put their quest to be independent first before any other desire. . INTP 5w4 will have an interest in arts or music. Better at taking care of others. I dunno who told you that but like me being an infj is more likely get careers on tech things. . . However if you go deeper into enneagram consider that you might be a type 6 or a 9 instead. Sort by Best Open comment sort options Top New Controversial Q&A SYM-0917 I am a bot. .
. The drawback with being an INFJ, a rare type, even though theres some studies out that say we may not be the rarest, but I digress. People often see this as a good thing (special snowflake syndrome). rysxnat. . . Im probably being redundant. ISTP - 3 (A dynamic relationship) INFJ - 2. Your primary type is the driving force of your personality, for me it&39;s a 9, for you it appears to be. 3. 3. The eyes of the reflectors and the rest are projectors. I was actually reevaluating my enneagram type today and confirmed that I am a 5w4. Along with the INTJ females and INTP females, the ENTP female is also quite rare. . I found- Amber run (again slowedreverb version). . . I try to follow the instructions anyway but do so badly. ENTP 4w5s will move on quickly when given the chance to rationalize the criticism. After reading up on covert narcissism I'm starting to see a connection regarding covert narcissism and the typical INFJ Self-centeredness. But then when the INFJ finds out the INTP is truly more "cold. I was actually reevaluating my enneagram type today and confirmed that I am a 5w4. In this blog post, we talked about the 5w4 INFJ personality type, by describing Enneagram type 5 and the INFJ MBTI personality type. . . . The introverted pairing is nice for me because at parties I can always find him if I feel overwhelmed and nights in are the best. Its not the stereotypical type, but also not totally weird and unexpected (like, say, INFJ 8).

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